How Do Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Keep Their Romance Alive?
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How Do Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Keep Their Romance Alive?

Sean Lowe has a fire burning in his loins, and it refuses to be tamed. Mostly due to the fact that this Bachelor Season 17 mega-hunk is a reclaimed virgin. Sure, Sean and his fiance, Seattle native Catherine Guidici, haven't gotten frisky between the sheets –– but fear not, those of you who are worried about Sean's man-parts. These two have plenty of passion in their relationship!

“We always try to go on little dates,” Sean tells Hollywood Life. “Los Angeles is a cool city because it has so many cool restaurants so we always try to try new places to eat, or we try to go to different beaches. We just try to spend quality time together.”

Plus, who needs sex when you can just make love with your eyes and cuddle on the couch, right guys? “We love being comfortable at the house," Sean says. "We recently did a Breaking Bad marathon where we watched five seasons in a week. It’s little things like that, just quality time together that makes it really special."

Wait. Is Sean a binge TV watcher? We have even more in common with this dude than we thought! “Oh my gosh, she and I both became addicts,” Sean continues. “We could not stop. We had to keep watching episode after episode. We love it.”

And we love you Sean. Never change. Especially in the abs department.

Source: Hollywood Life