How to Watch The Bachelor Online
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The Bachelor

How to Watch The Bachelor Online

Most denizens of Bachelor Nation spend Monday evenings huddled up in a nest of roses while drinking white wine out of a trough and watching The Bachelor (guilty!), and thank god. But what about those poor, hapless souls who can't tune into The Bachelor on a weekly basis? How can they watch Juan Pablo Galavis in all his glory? Well, we're here to help.

If you miss a new episode of The Bachelor thanks to the fact that you're otherwise occupied (how dare you have a life outside this show?!), you have two main options:

1) Head over to ABC and watch online for free (you'll have to confirm your cable provider), or

2) Head over the Hulu and watch the most recent episode for free after it's been unlocked.

Of course, there's also secret option number three — stream the episode online from a third party, which we can't recommend (Juan Pablo's abs don't deserve to be seen in low resolution).

So, how can you watch old episodes of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? It’s fairly easy, actually. While ABC, Hulu, and Netflix don't offer free viewings of past seasons (which is just ridiculous, if you ask us), there's an archive of clips on YouTube, including entire episodes!

2014 = booked solid.

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