How Does Kristen Stewart Feel About Rob Pattinson-Katy Perry Rumors?
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How Does Kristen Stewart Feel About Rob Pattinson-Katy Perry Rumors?

It was a three-day weekend last weekend, but Kristen Stewart wasn't in much of a celebratory mood.

Robert Pattinson spent time partying with Katy Perry over Memorial Day weekend, while Kristen spent the weekend trying to keep her mind on other things, according to Hollywood Life."

Kristen has been doing her best to keep busy now that Rob is no longer in the picture," reveals a source. "Her friends have been by her side 24/7."

She has also been apparently spending extra time with her little bro.

"Over the long weekend, they spent lots of time in Silverlake, where her younger brother lives,” the source adds.

And amidst all this talk about Rob and Katy, how does Kristen feel towards Katy, considering Kristen, Katy, and Rob have all hung out together as friends in the past?

"Kristen isn’t upset with Katy Perry because she doesn’t think anything romantic is going on between them," says the insider. Hmmm. Let's hope Kristen is right!

Meanwhile, it's seeming more and more like the Krisetn-Rob split is for good, as much as we'd like to think otherwise.

"This is probably the longest amount of time Rob and Kristen haven’t spoken to each other,” says the source. Yikes!

It's sounding more and more like Rob, to quote a Katy Perry tune, is the one that got away. Insert the sound of us sobbing here.

Source: Hollywood Life