How Does the Dancing With the Stars Season 18 “Switch Up” Twist Work? Sharna Burgess Explains — Exclusive!
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How Does the Dancing With the Stars Season 18 “Switch Up” Twist Work? Sharna Burgess Explains — Exclusive!

We've been scratching our heads over the Dancing With the Stars Season 18 "Switch Up" twist ever since we first heard about it, so when we talked to pro Sharna Burgess about the new season, we obviously asked her to give us an explanation.

"I feel like I'm in the dark as much as everybody else!" she admitted. "And I have actually had it explained to me three or four times now."

Still, Sharna was willing to give us her understanding of how this twist will work — though she stressed that she could be understanding wrong, and the details are still being worked out.

Will eliminated pros be up for grabs? "As far as I understand, at some point in the season, our fans will vote for who they want to see paired, based on who is still in the competition," Sharna explained. “It will not include eliminated pros or celebs."

So, what about the elimination? "Whoever goes home, goes home. It doesn't matter. If I dance with someone else and I get eliminated, I go home. [My partner] Charlie [White] doesn't get me back." Wow. We have to say, we do not like that. At all. Sigh. Though Sharna did stress she could be wrong about this part.

Then the celebs get to pick. "At the end of the week, the celebrity gets to decide who they would rather dance with. Do they want to go back to their original partner, or do they want to stay with the one that they had for that week."

So, this is all one week? Yes, as Sharna understands it there will be one week where everyone switches around. This sounds logistically difficult to us, but hey, we'll see how it plays out.

How does Sharna feel about this twist? Oh, pretty much the same as the rest of the pros: very hesitant. "It could be wonderful, and it could be a trainwreck. You can't know until you try it," she said. "My opinion heading in is that it concerns me, because so much of dancing, and what we do on the show, is creating that trust and chemistry."

That said, she also pointed out that this is a chance for the fans to have a voice. "When pairings are done at the start of the season, there's always people who say 'oh no, they got it wrong.' Now it's your chance to actually have a hand in that."

What do you think of this challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

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