How Does Pretty Little Liars Star Troian Bellisario Really Feel About Sparia?
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How Does Pretty Little Liars Star Troian Bellisario Really Feel About Sparia?

We love us some Sparia, but how does Troian Bellisario feel about the Pretty Little Liars friendship-pairing between her on-screen counterpart Spencer Hastings and bestie Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale)? The PLLer took to Twitter to tell her truth on the subject.

When one Pretty Little Liars fan asked which pairing she preferred — Spencer/Aria or Troian/Lucy — Troian tweeted back: “Here’s the thing. I love Lucy as my friend. I love the friendship between spencer and aria but also between spencer and the girls.” Basically, Troian loves all of the things. (And, for the record, so do we.)

Luckily, it seems like we’ll be getting our share of Sparia (and Trucy) in Season 5. Lucy shared this photo of herself and Troian behind-the-scenes of Season 5 only last month. In it, both PLLers are rocking jungle-themed outfits as their on-screen counterparts. “Forget's all about Safaria today.@sleepinthegardn,” Lucy awesomely captioned the photo. Love!

And any discussion of Sparia wouldn’t be complete with a throwback to this “prom photo” of the two on set. Or a mention of the Season 2 finale, which was a total Sparia-fest, complete with an actual, on-screen dropping of the phrase: “C’mon — we’re Team Sparia.”

We’re especially eager to see these two friends team up again because they hit a bit of a rough patch at the end of Season 4. Spencer broke her theory that Ezra was “A” to Aria in a drug-induced rant, which Aria totally called her out on. These two seemed to be amicable in the Season 4 finale, and we doubt they’re seriously mad at one another, but we’d like to see them clear the ear with a good, old-fashioned sleepover session. Or, you know, coordinated, safari-themed outfits.

How do you feel about Team Sparia? Sound off in the comments below!

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