How Far Does Matt Farmer Get on American Idol 2013?
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How Far Does Matt Farmer Get on American Idol 2013?

Military man Matt Farmer certainly had the cuteness factor down when he auditioned for American Idol Season 12. Even Keith Urban was impressed by the dude and his tats. And his three-year-old Cadence was pretty adorable, too!

Matt also had a heart-breaking back story about suffering a traumatic brain injury from an IED explosion in Iraq. The show featured the sob story prominently in his introduction. According to what Matt appeared to say on the show, the injury forced him to take medication that was supposed to render him sterile. Miraculously, however, his wife turned up pregnant just six months later.

The problem is, now Matt says his military history according to what was shown on American Idol 2013 was "ALL lies," according to a statement published on

Guardian of Valor is a website dedicating to outing people who lie about their military service. In a post about Matt calling him "American Idol's 2013 Timothy Poe,” a member of the site accused him of lying outright about his service record. (If you don’t recall, Timothy Poe was a competitor on The X Factor who admitted to beefing up his combat record to appear more empathetic.)

The post claims Matt Farmer lied about being injured and was “never hit by an IED. According to them, you were drinking on top of some non-prescription acne meds and it caused you to have a seizure, hence the reason you were sent out of the AO.”

Matt has since allegedly responded to the accussations with a statement saying he has “lied since a younger age and had a problem with it. I am coming out and making a statement (even though I was instructed not to) because I DO want to come clean,” according to Fox News.

"I was told to keep quiet and not talk to anyone, and I have decided that what’s best for me and my family is to come out and end the insanity," Farmer wrote. "I indeed have many many things to work with and need to get a lot of help doing it. Again I apologize to everyone that I have come across and hurt or lied too."

Of course, when Matt auditioned for the American Idol 2013 judges, they had no clue about any of this. With some raw notes and a smooth tone, the judges sent him right through to Hollywood Week with a golden ticket. How far does Matt make it in the rest of the unaired competition so far?

Well, it turns out Cadence’s dad isn’t on our American Idol spoilers list as one of the Top 40. Whether he just failed to deliver on his vocals, or was caught out in making up stories about his past, still remains a question.

Sources:, Fox News

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