How Is Revenge’s Aiden Mathis Connected to the Downing of Flight 197?
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How Is Revenge’s Aiden Mathis Connected to the Downing of Flight 197?

David Clarke’s demise began when Flight 197 went down due to a bomb planted by terrorist organization Americon Initiative. And thus began the story of Revenge, where young Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) seeks vengeance for her father’s wrongful arrest and brutal murder.

In Season 2 we’ve been introduced to fellow Takeda trainee, Aiden Mathis, and the plot keeps thickening! This British hottie has all kinds of ties to our girl, and in last night’s episode, the two seemed a little ahem tied up in the boudoir.

But that was the present, and we were all about the past in last night’s flashback. Not only did we see Daniel Grayson with a flat head of hair, but we learned some insightful new details about Emily and Aiden’s relationship.

It seems that Emily first met Aiden when she went on a top-secret Takeda mission to a seedy bar run by some feisty Russians with a deep connection to Americon Initiative. Ems was sent to uncover some information about a missing teen named Colleen, and it turns out that chickadee was also Aiden’s long-lost sister.

Aiden’s father was a baggage handler at Heathrow Airport and considering The Initiative had his little girl, Emily thinks he’s responsible for helping get the bomb on the plane.

Aiden went after Dmitri, the man who initially caught and sold Colleen, but the Russian didn’t reveal much. Dmitri claimed Colleen was “probably dead,” and after saying a few choice words about how she “grew to like it,” he had several bullets in his back courtesy of one pissed off brother.

Ems was not pleased that Aiden took out a witness with some answers — and it wouldn’t be the last time — but still convinced Takeda to take him on as a student. And the rest, as they say, is revengey history!

Were you surprised by Aiden’s connection to The Initiative? Or did you see this one coming? Weigh in below!

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