How Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo Helped Fix Relationships (VIDEO)
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How Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo Helped Fix Relationships (VIDEO)

Most Game of Thrones fans would probably not consider Khal Drogo to be an expert on healthy relationships, given that his relationship with Dany basically started out with her as his sex slave. But according to Conan O’Brien and Jason Momoa, who portrayed the Khal, Drogo improved the state of many viewers’ relationships.

While Jason was making an appearance on Conan, the subject of Drogo and relationships came up, with Conan O’Brien stating, “You were such a forceful male presence that there were a lot of women that say that your character improved their sex lives, because they were able to say, ‘That’s what I want.’” Jason laughingly agrees, replying with an impersonation of Drogo trying to speak English, “Woman. Here. Now. Me.”

Jason goes on to tentatively concur with Conan, saying, “[Women are] looking for a little assertive men, assertive and aggressive,” before adding the disclaimer, “I tried it on my wife... it didn’t work.”

We think they were joking...mostly. Though we're sure plenty of women wouldn't say no to Khal Drogo turning up in their beds!

The two also discussed Jason’s movie Road to Paloma, in which he shares a love scene with his wife, one that Conan seemed just a little too excited for! You can check out the hilarious clip below, courtesy of Team Coco.

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