How Are Kourtney And Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancies Different?
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How Are Kourtney And Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancies Different?

When you’ve seen as many photos of pregnant Kardashians as we have, it’s easy to start thinking you really know all there is to know about them! But of course, that isn’t so. Mama of two Kourtney Kardashian and expectant mama Kim Kardashian have had very different pregnancies, and luckily we can always count on little sis Khloe to share her insider opinion.

“I think it’s good for women to see the difference because Kourtney was like ‘earth mother god’ and so easy,” she recently told Life & Style magazine, “And Kim has had a different pregnancy.”

And by “different,” Khloe means “more difficult.” We guess not everyone can be “earth mother god,” right?

Not only has Kim gotten run through the media wringer for everything from her maternity fashion choices to her pregnancy weight gain, she’s also had more serious problems, like when she suffered a miscarriage scare.

“It was hard for her,” Khloe said of Kim’s pregnancy. But, she added, Kim’s current discomfort is pretty normal. “Any woman at the end of their pregnancy…I think they’re just like ‘I’m uncomfortable…,” she said. “I can sense it’s coming.’”

Khloe, however, is far from uncomfortable! Instead, she’s dying to meet her latest niece or nephew. “I just wanna know what they look like!” she told the tabloid. “I am so excited! I can’t wait to see Kim as a mommy."

That makes two of us, Khloe! So feel free to text us when the time comes, OK? Cool, thanks.

Source: Life & Style magazine