How Long Did Brandi Date Lisa’s Chef and More Burning Questions From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 9
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

How Long Did Brandi Date Lisa’s Chef and More Burning Questions From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 9

Each episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is filled with surprising and shocking moments that sometimes require closer examination. With that in mind, here are the top five burning questions from Season 3, Episode 9: “Moroccan Madness.”

1. Did Brandi date Lisa’s hottie chef, Francis?
Before Lisa Vanderpump discusses the Villa Blanca menu with Francis, she teases him about how he wants to wake up with Brandi Glanville. Does this mean that she and Francis have hooked up? Actually, it does! On Twitter, Brandi has referred to Francis as “yummy” and says they’ve made out from the waist up. So it doesn’t sound like it got too serious, but she’s certainly right about the yummy thing.

2. Which movie did Kim and Kyle Richards star in with James Brolin?
If you were wondering if you’ve seen the movie that Kyle Richards mentions having starred in with James Brolin, the answer is probably no. At least, we hope it’s no. It’s a 1977 movie called The Car, and according to its Wikipedia page, it’s “the story of a mysterious car which goes on a murderous rampage.” No, we didn’t make that up. Thank goodness Kyle and Kim Richards found careers in reality TV and never had to contemplate starring in anything called, say, The Car 2: Full Bleed Ahead.

3. Does Mauricio feel badly about what happened between him and Brandi?
Mauricio isn’t usually quite as vocal as he was this week, so we wondered if he had regrets. Based on what he’s tweeted, he doesn’t feel that he insulted anyone, but he does give Brandi “my sincere apologies” after she tweeted to him that she felt he was being mean. Kudos to Mauricio for being a big enough person to say that.

4. How did Adrienne feel about what went on at the Moroccan restaurant?
Adrienne Maloof was the only Housewife not at the uncomfortable dinner party this week (lucky her!), and she says it was “hurtful” that people were talking behind her back. She also calls Mauricio a gentleman and “man of integrity” for standing up for her.

5. Did Lisa agree to renew her vows?
Lisa wasn’t too eager to renew her vows during this week’s episode, even though Ken thought it would be a great way to celebrate their 30th anniversary. As it turns out, that swing apparently paid off, as the couple did end up renewing their vows in the backyard. The ceremony involved dinner and dancing and Giggy, natch, who was held by Ken. The ceremony will air during the show’s season finale later this year.

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