How Long Did Bachelor in Paradise Film?
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Bachelor in Paradise

How Long Did Bachelor in Paradise Film?

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette — and all its spin-offs — are known for asking cast members to fall in love quick as lightning, but Bachelor in Paradise is pushing the warp speed envelope even further. While viewers are seeing the hook ups — and the resulting drama — play out over a seven-week timespan, the actual filming of the series happened in less than half that time!

According to Reality Steve, filming of the summer guilty pleasure lasted just a mere three weeks! That’s not a lot of time to form a lasting love, unless of course you’re Elise Mosca, in which case it feels like eons — certainly time a plenty to fall in love twice over…

The short shooting schedule, and the pressure to couple up or peace out, helps explain a lot of the extreme-dating mating behavior from the show’s cast. Like, no wonder AshLee Frazier threatened the kneecaps of any woman daring to glance at Graham Bunn — she had about five seconds to nab him and get him to agree to her baby names.

For reals, though. If a normal couple kept to the BiP dating schedule, they’d meet, makeout, get married, and then divorce all within about a month flat. In fact, they’d probably spend more time waiting for the divorce to finalize than they did altogether as a couple.

The extreme time crunch makes us feel for the latecomers to the game, like Episode 5 arrival Christy Hansen and next week’s Tasos Hernandez and Brooks Forester. They’re basically being asked to jump on a bullet train that’s already in motion. If it were us, we might think twice before heading to Paradise.

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Source: Reality Steve