How Long Does ‘Bachelor’ Filming Last?
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The Bachelor

How Long Does ‘Bachelor’ Filming Last?


From the first night at the mansion to the final rose ceremony, the Bachelor love journey seemingly transcends time.

True love doesn’t have a timeline — except it does, and especially when filming is concerned. In fact, you might surprised by the reality of it all.

While we prefer to remain totally ignorant of how little these people actually get to know one another before they fall “in love,” Bachelor producers keep a strict schedule.

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Through the years, this timespan has varied a bit, but it’s all within weeks of one another…

Yes, weeks. Actually, for Sean Lowe’s Bachelor Season 17, filming took place over only six short weeks!

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Things kicked off with the Bachelor Mansion limo entrances on September 20 and wrapped up in the Thailand-set finale in the first week of November. Hey, it all worked out for him and Catherine, right?

That isn’t always the hard and fast rule. Lately, the show has extended things a little for these aspiring lovebirds.

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That math leaves you with a little under 8 weeks or just 55 days to whittle down his 30 contestants to only one.

Still, two months sound like a lifetime when you compare it to other franchise shows like Bachelor in Paradise!

We’ve watched no less than five couples get engaged at the end of Paradise over the first three seasons — admittedly, with only two of them working out — so it’s startling to know what a crash course it is.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton on After Paradise
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Usually, the summer spin-off takes place in June, and lasts anywhere from 18 to 21 days — aka under three weeks.

Of course, the producers certainly make up for lost time, filming for many long hours including the marathon of a premiere night.

bachelorette premiere KAITLYN BRISTOWE, BEN H.
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Limo entrances typically don’t start filming until the sunset around 7 p.m., and the crew blazes through the night until around 6 a.m. the next day.

No wonder everyone is losing it by the end, right?

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