How Long Can Lazaro Arbos Possibly Survive on American Idol 2013?
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How Long Can Lazaro Arbos Possibly Survive on American Idol 2013?

The most polarizing contestant on American Idol 2013 is by far Lazaro Arbos. The ice-cream scooper, who was born in Cuba but raised in Florida, astounded the American Idol judges from his very first audition. Despite having a terrible stutter since he was six years old, Lazaro sings without any sign of a speech impediment.

As the weeks have worn on, however, it’s clear that the pressure of the show and its accompanying critiques have worn on the singer. He gave a horrible Beatles performance a few weeks ago, and then blamed it on the harsh online comments and the fact that the producers allegedly changed his song choice on him at the last minute. In the end, however, he was voted through while Amber Holcomb, whose performance was nearly flawless that week, was in the bottom three.

Apparently, the singer must have noticed some more online critiques of his American Idol performance following the Top 8 Motown show, and forgetting the lyrics during his group performance, as he tweeted that basically haters-gonna-hate:

“Oh well It must be some people’s mail goal to hate on my everday, I’m glad I’m giving them a reason to look forward to another day :)"

Lazaro’s case shows you just how much having a strong online following matters these days when on a show like American Idol 2013. While he has plenty of fans who are voting for him in earnest, he’s also become the object of Vote for the Worst’s affection. He's defied going home, week after week, earning him the title of "Sanjaya of Season 12" by many in online chatrooms.

Alas, we think his time may FINALLY be up on Idol. Powerhouse singers like Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb, and Angie Miller have emerged as unstoppable forces. Even Lazaro, himself, seems to see the writing on the wall, taking to Twitter last night to say, "win or loose life is good!!! :D." Apparently, spelling is not his forte! Even the #Lazis won’t be able to save the fragile performer from his inevitable fate, and we think Janelle Arthur won't be far behind. Of course, if there is a voting snafu on tonight's results show, we know the judges will use their save.

What do you think? will Lazaro defy getting cut once again, or has his run come to an end?

04.11.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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