How Is Kailyn Lowry Losing Weight?
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Kailyn Lowry

How Is Kailyn Lowry Losing Weight?

Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her second child, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, almost nine months ago, and she's officially ready to start shedding that baby weight. This gal has been on a mission to fit into her skinny jeans for a while now, but she's finally buckled down with a personal trainer who's helping her burn up to 700 calories a day. Color us impressed!

Homegirl hasn't told fans how much weight she's lost, but everyone knows that healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to melting away pounds. But is Kailyn on a diet? Pshhhh, as if.

Sure, this girl eats nourishing foods, but a life without pizza isn't a life worth living. So, then how is she shedding weight? Portion control, y'all! "I'm not doing any diet," Kailyn explained to fans on July 10. "Just portion control."

Sounds like girlfriend is living the dream and eating whatever she wants! Then again, you have to have pretty strong will power to practice portion control. Like, it's basically impossible for a normal person (read: us) not to inhale an entire bag of Doritos. But hey — whatever works for Kailyn. We can't wait to see her body transformation!

Source: Kailyn Lowry on Twitter