How Many Marriage Proposals Have Happened on CBS’s Survivor?
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How Many Marriage Proposals Have Happened on CBS’s Survivor?

The reason that millions of Americans have tuned into CBS’s mega reality hit Survivor for a whopping 28 cycles now may be to see the physical feats and crazy mind games, but it’s also for the relationships formed on the island. In fact, more than a few couples have fallen in love during the hardcore competition, and it’s a sight to behold each and every time.

While we all have our favorite Survivor couples — we still haven’t recovered from the Ethan Zohn-Jenna Morasca split of last year — you may not recall which ones actually said “I Do”... or which ones got engaged on the show!

So during the March 19 episode of Survivor: Cagayan, Wetpaint Entertainment quizzed Viggle LIVE! users if they could remember the exact number of times a contestant has popped the question on-air: two, three, or four?

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Looks like most of you have been keeping tabs, as 70 percent correctly guessed that engagements have happened not once, but twice in the presence of Jeff Probst. On the other hand, 25 percent believed that there were three couples who took the plunge on-screen, and only 5 percent thought it was four.

We’re not totally surprised that you knew this one. Once you have seen something that dramatic and romantic go down live on the TV screen, you don’t forget it that quickly. As for the two couples in question, that would be Survivor: Redemption Island’s David Murphy to Carolina Eastwood, and four-time Survivor contestant Rob Mariano to Amber Brkich.

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