How Many Times Has Reality Steve Been Wrong?
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How Many Times Has Reality Steve Been Wrong?

After July 29’s “dumpster fire” start to the Season 9 Bachelorette finale, no one seemed quite sure what to expect for the August 5 conclusion.

When her top guy called it quits just days before the grand finale, there was speculation Desiree Hartsock would just end the whole show alone. Meanwhile, other members of Bachelor Nation — including one of the biggest spoilers in the biz, Reality Steve — were adamant that Brooks “Heartbreak” Forester was coming back on bended knee.

Well, as it happens Steve was all kinds of wrong about Brooksy. The Salt Lake City cutie did not get on a jet plane back to Antigua and, judging from his brief appearance on the After the Rose special, seems okay all around post-dumping on Des.

Turns out it’s not the first time Reality Steve’s misstepped. Quick to own up to his mistake during the finale, Steve tweeted all about his past history predicting, accurately or not, the outcomes of The Bachelor(ette).

“Was wrong about Ali & Brad’s seasons, then spoiled Ashley’s, Ben’s, Sean’s, & Emily’s & 3 Bach Pad’s b4 this. It happens. I’ll bounce back,” he wrote.

Two times out of nine isn’t bad but then again Steve’s already been mistaken once during this season. He claimed that Drew Kenney hit the road before Zak Waddell (the reverse ended up being true with both stud muffins getting tossed). Seems like Steve’s going to be doing a lot of rebounding next season (he can join right in with the Bachelor-to-be who got dumped by Des in Barcelona).

Personally, what we care about most of all is a content Bachelorette. And judging by all the kissing and giggling going on between Desiree and her new man, Chris Siegfried, it looks like she got her happy ending after all.

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