How Does Marlo Hampton Make All Her Money? She Says…
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How Does Marlo Hampton Make All Her Money? She Says…

Ever since we first met Marlo Hampton during her guest starring stint on Season 4 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we've all been asking ourselves the same question: How in the world does she afford all of those amazing shoes? Many have speculated over how Marlo earns her cash (some have suggested not-so-nice ways), but in her latest blog post, Marlo finally puts the issue to rest.

Marlo took to Musings from the Boudoir to explain her income in a post titled, "I work hard for my money!"

She starts off by letting her fans know that she's not happy that she has to even address this issue.

"First, let me say that this is the question posed to me most frequently and it is without a doubt the most rude and inappropriate query I receive. It's asked by fans, foes, haters and... because inquiring minds feel they have a right to know..." Marlo writes.

She then goes on to list all the ways that she is capable of bringing in money, leading off with the fact that she isn't just a convicted felon, but also a college grad from the University of South Florida.

Her other reasons include being the previous owner of a successful boutique, working as a private stylist, and making celebrity guest appearances, which she claims pay well. But, it's reason #5 that caught our eye the most.

"I was in a long term relationship with a billionaire who thankfully taught me well about how to make money and more importantly, how to keep it!" Marlo revealed.

Last but not least, unlike her new nemesis, NeNe Leakes, Marlo claims that she's far from being rich, bitch.

"Understand, I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination," she admits, adding, "And ya'll know this diva loves beautiful, expensive things. But... I also know how to stretch a dollar and find a bargain. I can make a Walmart dress and Payless shoes look like Haute Couture!"

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Source: Musings from the Boudoir