The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Explains How Much Alcohol Factors Into The Bachelor (VIDEO)

We've all been on dates where we reach for the cocktail menu and our date reaches for... a glass of water. And sure, it doesn't happen all the time in the real world, but there's no way it happens on a reality show, right? Wrong, as Chris Harrison explains in this interview for Huffington Post.

It turns out that while some girls (coughVictoria Limacough) tend to do what they want no matter what the lead is doing, most contestants on The Bachelor take their cues from the main man. In the single instance we've ever heard Chris use Juan Pablo Galavis's name as a what to do, the host explains that because JPG doesn't drink, the girls laid off the hard stuff too. In fact, it seems that on the first night, Juan Pabs told the ladies that if they were hammered, they were out of the competition.

As for Season 10 beauty Andi Dorfman and her gaggle of guys, it sounds like things were a little more relaxed, as far as the drinking goes. "Andi likes to have a cocktail," Chris says, affirming her status among our fledgling girl gang (we seek to promote leather pants and fun, in case you were wondering). We're not sure how much that translates into a raucous party environment, but we'll look forward to finding out on the May 19 premiere.

Want to know what else Chris had to say about alcohol? Of course you do. Check out this vid for all the dirt he can dish.