How Much Does Kim Kardashian’s Baby, North West, Weigh? — UPDATE
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How Much Does Kim Kardashian’s Baby, North West, Weigh? — UPDATE

UPDATE: Baby North's exact weight at birth was 4 pounds, 15 ounces, Us Magazine reports. Though Kim "was scared" about the premature birth, Us's sources reveal that everything is fine now. "Kim is breastfeeding," a source says, "the baby is healthy."

In case you’ve somehow missed it, Kim Kardashian gave birth to baby girl North West last Saturday. (Side note: If you did miss it, how?)

The labor came on suddenly, with the reality TV star’s scheduled due date not until early July. Kim hasn’t exactly had the easiest time being pregnant, facing everything from badly swollen ankles to an appendicitis scare to fears of preeclampsia. With a less than stellar track record, we were all wondering if Mama and Baby were A-OK.

Thankfully, they are though little Nori as Mom and dad Kanye West call their kiddo spent time in an incubator to regulate her body temperature. Don’t worry; it’s fairly standard protocol for a preemie.

Since the June 15 delivery, details about the newest Kardashian have been few and far between, but a close friend of the family said the baby’s the prettiest, tiniest thing.” Pretty, we have no doubt, but just how tiny?

E! News reports North is a perfect little bundle of joy at “just under 5 pounds,” and that she is in good health. In fact, Kim and Nori reportedly checked out of the hospital Thursday night with Kanye right alongside. They’re currently getting settled in a private location and, we hope, putting some meat on Baby North’s bones!

Good luck to the new parents as they start their journey with a new direction!

Source: E! News