How Much Does Rob Kardashian Weigh?

The Kardashians

How Much Does Rob Kardashian Weigh?

Rob Kardashian’s weight gain played a significant part in June 9’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Sisters Kim and Khloe are extremely worried about how quickly their little bro has been packing on the pounds, and they’re willing to try anything to help him get slim.

In addition to the girls’ quirky reverse-psychology plot — which, no surprise here, didn’t really work — Kim pulled out a scale and a measuring tape to show her little bro just how much weight he’s really gained.

How Much Does Rob Kardashian Weigh?
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Back in December, Rob announced on Twitter that he’d reached 220 pounds, and that he was going to start a new healthy food and exercise regime stat. He later deleted the tweet.

As anyone who watched the most recent Kardashians episode can tell you, Rob’s been having a bit of difficulty sticking to that goal. In fact, when Kim had him step on the scale, it showed that the Kardashian bro has actually gained an additional 21 pounds since then. He was up to 241 pounds.

Based on paparazzi photos, we know that scenes for that episode were filmed in early March. In the months that have followed, Rob does appear to have lost a noticeable amount of weight. Still, he’s not satisfied quite yet.

On May 28, he told Us Weekly that he still has about “40 to 50 pounds” to go, and that he hopes to be down to his goal weight in about six months. We admire Rob for making the commitment to get healthy, and to do it gradually. Instead of going for a crash diet or quick fix, Rob is taking things slow. Sounds like a recipe for lasting success. (As long as Kim and Khloe keep the “reverse-psychology” pizza boxes safely out of reach!)

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