How Much Does Lisa Vanderpump Weigh? She Reveals the Answer!
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Lisa Vanderpump

How Much Does Lisa Vanderpump Weigh? She Reveals the Answer!

There's no question that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is always in fantastic shape. And now, she has revealed her height and weight and we're definitely impressed!

We've gotten to see multiple instances on the show over the years of how physically fit Lisa is. She always does well in fitness classes with the ladies like this season's self-defense class and she got into particularly great shape during her stint on Dancing With the Stars.

Lisa also has amazing curves, as she has joked in the past about rumors that she's had "butt implants." As if! Still, she definitely has an enviable backside.

And how much does she weigh? In response to a follower on Twitter commenting on Lisa's size, Lisa was completely open about her stats. Lisa tweeted on March 6, "I am not as big as I look.. 5 ft 5", 123 lbs.. that's kind of it."

Way to go, Lisa! It's great that Lisa has no problem revealing her weight on Twitter. And now we want to know Lisa's secret for how she stays so trim. Let's just say, if we owned multiple restaurants, as Lisa does, it would be very hard for us to say no to all that free food!

Are you surprised that Lisa revealed her weight on Twitter?

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