How Much Will the Dancing With the Stars Pros Make in Season 17?
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Dancing With The Stars

How Much Will the Dancing With the Stars Pros Make in Season 17?

Dancing With the Stars just ended for the season, but we’re already thinking ahead to the next one. Season 17 premieres this fall, and with it comes some big changes, namely nixing the Tuesday night Results Show.

Given that ABC is cutting one night, does that mean the pros’ salaries will be cut in half? Not quite. Though there isn’t any official confirmation yet, pro Karina Smirnoff revealed to The New York Post that their paychecks will likely not be affected; in fact, cutting that night works in their favor.

“We get paid by the week,” she said. “What [the schedule change] will do is give us an extra day of rehearsals — which is a good thing because you never have enough days.”

Based on the way the pairs are usually rehearsing up until the minute the performance night starts, we have a feeling this could be a game-changer for everyone. Having an extra few hours to rehearse will certainly help perfect some moves, and if the pros aren’t losing any money, there’s nothing to lose.

A few years ago, it was reported that the dancers make approximately $10,400 per week, but that could have gone up since then, especially for DWTS veterans. Either way, they aren’t hurting for money, so we’re hoping everyone will return for Season 17!

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Source: The New York Post

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