How Much Does Kenya Moore Weigh? She Reveals the Real Number!
Credit: Kenya Moore on Instagram    

Real Housewives of Atlanta

How Much Does Kenya Moore Weigh? She Reveals the Real Number!

Say what you want about Kenya Moore, but one can't deny that the "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" diva tells it like it is, even when it comes to the most personal information imaginable. During her most recent Twitter Q&A session, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star dared to go where few women will venture: Kenya revealed her actual weight to the world. Wow!

When one of Kenya’s followers wrote, "I want to know @KenyaMoore's height n weight bc I am #teamtwirl n she inspires me!", she didn't even hesitate to reveal her numbers. "5'10" 150 lbs," she declared proudly. Without a doubt, Kenya looks absolutely fantastic, so 150 pounds is clearly her ideal weight.

So, what's Kenya's secret? As far as we know, to get Kenya's impressive bod, it's a matter of "no pain, no gain." The former Miss USA spends of plenty of time at the gym, getting her sweat on. When one of her fans wondered what her workout routine is, Kenya responded, "Too long 2 tweet but 6 times a week. Weight and cardio."

As for diet, it seems that Kenya doesn't completely deprive herself of all things yummy, but rather tries her best to eat healthy during the week. On the weekends, anything goes. A different follower asked her if she always maintains her diet, to which Kenya replied, "I try Mon-Friday."

It sounds like all of the time Kenya spends working out is worth it if she gets too look the way she does and get away with only a moderate diet.

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