How Much Is Olympic Athlete Shaun White Worth?
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How Much Is Olympic Athlete Shaun White Worth?

Shaun White has plenty of green to spare.

The world-class athlete is currently vying for a medal on the slopes of Sochi, Russia, during the 2014 Winter Games, but back home, of course, he’s got plenty of medals already hanging from his wall (or wherever it is exactly you put those things). At last count, the 27-year-old had two Olympic golds, not to mention the upwards of ten he’s received from the X Games.

Coming along with all that athletic accomplishment is a fair chunk of change (think sponsorships).

We asked Viggle LIVE! users what kind of bank they think Shaun’s made over the years.

The options ranged from the sizable sum of $10 million to a staggering $40 million, which we’re pretty sure is enough to fill a half-pipe or two with ones.

Coming in last place was the lowest sum of all: $10 million got just 8 percent of votes. Next was $30 million, no small amount but not enough to tempt Vigglers, who gave it just 30 percent of the vote. Taking the gold at 61 percent is the highest amount on the table: $40 million.

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Luckily for Shaun, the highest number is also the right one! reports the San Diego native is worth approximately 130,000 low-cost snowboards. Like he needs one...

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