How Much Weight Has Bride to Be Lauren Manzo Lost This Year?
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How Much Weight Has Bride to Be Lauren Manzo Lost This Year?

Caroline Manzo's daughter, Lauren, is on a mission and there is no stopping this bride-to-be! The former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member and future star of the Bravo spin-off, Manzo'd With Children, has dropped an amazing amount of weight this year, and she's planning on losing even more than she's already lost in the next few months. We love her determination!

Lauren went on Twitter to boast about her achievement so far and share her lofty goal.

"Down 16 lbs since January! I’d really like to lose 25 more by April!" Lauren wrote.

Wow, 16 pounds is a lot of weight to lose in less than two months, but there's nothing like a looming wedding to provide a serious dose of motivation.

Lauren and her fiance, Vito Scalia, plan on tying the knot sometime during the summer of 2015, probably July. They've chosen a date, but have yet to reveal the details. We're not sure where the ceremony will be held, but the reception will be at their family-owned event space, The Brownstone. The couple also picked a band — the popular Jersey group The Infernos!

No word on the dress yet, but we're thinking that there's a reason that Lauren wants to lose another 25 pounds by April. She probably wants to be at her goal weight when she tries on gowns. Or maybe she's just devoted to getting in tip-top shape in general. We think she looks great at any weight, but we definitely admire her drive to get to her goal.

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