Bachelor in Paradise: How Much Were the Contestants Paid to Go on the Show?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: How Much Were the Contestants Paid to Go on the Show?

Most of us would jump at the opportunity to drop everything and head to Mexico for three weeks like those kids on Bachelor in Paradise. But after the glittery fantasy fades and reality sets in, you realize that it’s probably not financially viable to do that while putting your real life career in jeopardy. Lucky for Michelle Money, Sarah Herron, Graham Bunn, and gang, the BiP folks were paid for their time on the ABC reality show!

And no, it wasn’t just in tequila and fame. During one of his Q&A sessions this week, Bachelor insider Reality Steve was asked if he knew how much the rose seekers earned for the less than a month long gig. After all, maybe the network thought that a free trip, all expenses paid, would be enough payment? But apparently, there was more.

“From what I’m hearing, the range was anywhere from about $7,000 to $15,000,” Steve writes, before continuing that “not everyone made the same amount.” Hmm… something tells us that a certain gorgeous franchise vet lived up to her last name on this one. After all, seniority rules, right?

If you’re wondering whether the payment was per episode — that would explain the desperate need for everyone to hook up and get a rose each week! — the spoiler king has an answer for that, as well.

“I know they all got a flat rate to come on,” RS dishes. But note that he adds “some might’ve got an additional stipend per episode” — though he was not sure about that possibility.

So while there’s no prize for this season’s winner of BiP (except everlasting love, of course!) there’s still a financial element that we imagine had some influence on the contestants. Interesting…

What do you think of the contestants’ salaries? And who do you think got the biggest paycheck? Sound off down below.

Source: Reality Steve