How Old Is JWOWW\'s Fiance Roger Mathews?
How Old Is JWOWW’s Fiance Roger Mathews?
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Jersey Shore

How Old Is JWOWW’s Fiance Roger Mathews?


Jersey Shore star JWOWW may only be 26 years old, but her new fiance Roger Mathews is much older than the reality star.

So, how old is Roger? According to, Roger is 38 years old. He’s nearly 40! You know what that means — time to pull a Snooki and Jionni and pop out some kiddies. JWOWW did say they might have kids before they get married, so it wouldn't be too surprising. Plus, baby Lorenzo really needs JWOWW's son or daughter as a BFF!

Roger’s age is only surprising to us because he looks damn good for a guy who is nearing middle age. We would have guessed that he was closer to Jenni’s age rather than being 10 years her senior.

We want to know the secrets to Roger’s eternally youthful look. Is it the working out? The tattoos? The proximity to JWOWW? Spill it, Rog!