How Is Ricki Handling Emily Maynard’s Engagement? You Might Be Surprised
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Emily Maynard

How Is Ricki Handling Emily Maynard’s Engagement? You Might Be Surprised

Enough about how thrilled Emily Maynard is to be engaged for the fourth time. What about Em’s 8-year-old daughter Ricki? Tyler Johnson proposed to her too!

Emily was on Good Morning America earlier this week, and told everyone Ricki is “so excited” for all of the changes ahead. “She wakes up saying, ‘Where’s Tyler?’ I mean, she already has her wedding guest list, already wondering if when I get pregnant she gets to skip school. She’s already working this thing.”

Nice! Kids in Charlotte, North Carolina don’t tend to get snow days, so good for Ricki for angling for some pregnancy days off. But who do you think made her guest list? Anyone from The Bachelor or Bachelorette cast or production staff? Ricki was on Emily’s season quite a bit, so it seems possible that she got close to some of the friendly folks behind the show.

This will be the Rickster’s third chance for a stepfather. Her father, Ricky Hendrick, tragically passed away before she was born. Then her mom went on The Bachelor, and Ricki met Brad Womack before his engagement to Emily fizzled out. Then Mom went on The Bachelorette, and Ricki met Jef Holm in the finale, then hung with him quite a bit before that relationship ended in October 2012.

Emily and Tyler met at church before Emily even went on The Bachelorette, and they started their relationship as friends. When she announced her engagement, Emily said Ricki may even love Tyler more than she likes her own mom. (At least she’s not afraid to get too attached!)

We wouldn’t be shocked if Em had another big announcement later this year. Remember what she said back in 2012, at the start of her Bachelorette journey? She was asked where she saw herself in five years. Answer: "A minivan full of babies!" Ricki may be getting lots of pregnancy days off if that’s the case!

Source: Good Morning America