How Pretty Little Liars Should End: 5 Things We Want to See Happen
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Pretty Little Liars

How Pretty Little Liars Should End: 5 Things We Want to See Happen

Thankfully, Pretty Little Liars is far from over. The mystery thriller is currently in the midst of its fourth season with at least one more season already ordered by ABC Family. The cast and crew has to move on eventually, though, and we’ve been spending the hiatus reflecting on how me want that to happen. Here are five things we want to see from the Pretty Little Liars series finale.

The Liars safe and sound

First and foremost, we want Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna to make it out of this thing alive (and relatively mentally unscathed). As this show continues, the frequency of near-death experiences for the Liars has seemed to increase (amirite, Em?). We’re worried that, before this thing is done, one of our core four will play the ultimate price and we’re not sure we could handle that.


One of the things that is most tragic about the Liars’ plight is that everyone they know and love (and those they know and hate) have no idea about this huge part of their lives. In fact, because of the limitations “A” puts on their lives, many Rosewood residents think the Liars are, well, liars. We want for the town of Rosewood and for all of the Liars’ loved ones to know and understand what these four girls have been through, how brave they have been, and what they have given up to protect their friends, family, and town. (A parade thrown in their honor would probably do it.)

“A” exposed and brought to justice

This show is more or less about the ongoing battle between “A” and the Liars. The secret of who “A” is and what she wants is the driving force of the show. Therefore, if we don’t find out who “A” is, we will probably throw our TV across the room in frustration. Secondly, we hope “A” is brought to some sort of justice. We want her to answer for all of the pain and misery (not to mention deaths) that she’s caused.

Love, love, love

We love PLL for the friendships between the Liars, but that doesn’t mean we don’t obsess over every shipper scene we get. PLL has done a rather impressive job creating teenage relationships that feel real and well-developed. Unlike many teenage dramas, the Liars aren’t hopping from one boyfriend/girlfriend to the next week-to-week or even season-to-season. They aren’t engaged in dramatic love triangle drawn out for episodes. PLL respects the Liars love lives - and so do we. Which is why we’d really like to see these girls get some closure in the romance department. Will Haleb stay together despite Caleb’s move to Ravenswood? Will Paily decide to break up rather than try the long-distance college love thing? Will Spencer ever really be able to trust Toby? And can Ezria have an honest, openly public relationship? We’re not saying they all have to have happy endings, but we do want some form of closure.

Ali: dead or alive?

We’ve been promised a real answer to the “Is Ali alive?” question, but we’ll believe it when we see it. If the question of whether the Liars’ BFF is dead or alive hasn’t been answered by the series’ end, we will blow a gasket. One of the things PLL does really well is remember that, though Ali could be a total bitch, the Liars really did love her. For the series finale of PLL to feel complete, we’re going to need some closure in the Ali department. If she is alive, we would like an explanation of what went down the summer of her disappearance. If she is dead, we would like for the Liars to finally come to terms with her death in some meaningful way. We’re sure the death of their best friend will always stay with them, but in many ways PLL is one, long treatise on dealing with a loved one’s death. “A” has never let the Liars truly let go of their best friend. When they do, the show will be over.

What do you want to see for the ending of PLL? Share your hopes and dreams in the comments below!

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