How to Get Yourself on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette
How to Get Yourself on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette

How to Get Yourself on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette


Just how did a three-timing d-bag like Justin "Rated-R" Rego manage to elude casting producers and hobble his way into Ali’s heart this season on The Bachelorette? It’s called charisma, people, and Justin oozed it.

As a former reality show casting director, I'll be the first to tell you that we can be easily fooled. More so, we’re incredibly competitive and willing to overlook little things like girlfriends (or even two girlfriends) to get our faves cast on the show. So here’s a better question: How can you, too, woo casting producers and land yourself a coveted spot on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette?

Clearly, being single isn’t really a prerequisite anymore these days. And, based on the last couple of seasons, neither is sanity. Becoming one of the 25 contestants vying for the love on the new Bachelor or Bachelorette is actually cake if you just follow my guidelines to get your foot in the door of that mansion:


Treat the application as an extension of your personality.
Your app should sparkle all the way through. Imagine if the only thing the casting team saw was one page of your application — did you make it compelling enough?

Decorate your application so it stands out in a pile.
It's simple: Print it on colored paper and get out the colored pens, the glitter, and feathers. Don’t think you need to follow protocol. Even if it says to use blue or black ink, go maverick on their asses! We love to see creativity.

Give funny, robust answers to all of the questions.
Challenge the person reading your answers. Give them a sense of who you are and, more importantly, why you’ll be exciting to watch. Write in the margins and on the back of the page. Don’t limit yourself. Really look for ways to show off your personality.


Turn your video into a sizzle reel.
Edit your tape with quick cuts and flashy images showing just how awesome you are. Throw in some cool music, too. Make it look like a music video — a good music video.

Take us out and show us your world.
Did the worst break up of your life make you want to find love on The Bachelor? Take us to the scene of the crime. Show us locales and scenes from your life. We are visual people, so a video of you standing in front of a wall talking won’t help you stand out to the producers. (Well, unless you’re naked, which I don’t necessarily recommend.)

Don't babble.
In fact, don’t talk for more than two minutes. Leave us wanting to know more about you. Speak clearly and give us some juicy sound bites — little nuggets of your shining personality that we can quote when pitching you to producers.

Make sure it will be interesting to someone who doesn't know you.
The video is really where you need to shine. Don't lose your luster by boring the casting team to tears in a rambling video without any editing. Keep your video tight, exciting, and interesting.

How to Get Yourself on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette


Get in line in-between people far less attractive than you are.
Is that mean? Sure. But, sadly, it will only help you stand out more.

Don't go to the audition with your super cool, totally awesome, and charismatic best friend.
Chances are, we will love them and then skip over you.

Wear something memorable, but not too crazy.
If you’re from Texas, wear a cowboy hat. If you have big boobs, don’t wear a hoodie — show those suckers off. Use the stereotypes of your location and your personality type to your advantage. At the end of the day, that’s what the Producers are really looking for, anyways.

Don't be afraid to jump around, yell, and sing.
Remember, you are not performing for the person holding the video camera, or anyone at the audition, for that matter. Keep your eyes on the prize: You are only performing for the casting director back in L.A., who will be watching you on a nine-inch TV screen. You must stand out and appear larger than life.

Avoid bringing props or cumbersome decorations.
If you can’t get across that we should like you just by you telling us, then props really aren’t going to help.

There you have it. Good looks and a hot body may be prereqs, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Most of the time.

And here's my quickie hit list for Bachelor and Bachelorette wannabes!

“To Do” List For Your Audition Tape
Make it short and sweet
Keep it simple
Don’t be gimmicky
Use good lighting
Have many different locations
Look at the camera
Speak up
Change outfits
Show us who you are and where you live
Put your family and friends in your vid
Show us, don't tell us!

What NOT To Do For Your Audition Tape
Don’t just stand there
Don’t ramble
Don’t chew gum
Don’t have anything playing in the background (you can add music later)
Don’t sell us a sob story (you'll cry enough later!)
Don’t hide your body
Don’t hide your flaws (we will find out)
Don't be ignorant, racist, or intentionally stupid
Don't be shy!

Sarah Monson a.k.a Reality Show Chick is a reality TV casting director who has been thrusting ordinary folks into the spotlight for years on shows like "Blind Date," "Survivor" and "The Bachelor." She is currently penning a memoir about this ridiculous career choice and how it totally helped her score dates.