How Will Elena React to Stefan’s Death on The Vampire Diaries?
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The Vampire Diaries

How Will Elena React to Stefan’s Death on The Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries didn’t give us much time to react to Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) untimely death before fading to black at the end of last week’s episode, which means we’ve yet to see the reactions of most of Stefan’s loved ones. How will Elena (Nina Dobrev) react to Stefan’s death?

Um, not well. The synopsis for Season 5, Episode 22 (“Home”) doesn’t give us too much, but we know that “Elena takes matters into her own hands and demands that Liv and Luke help her.” We’re guessing this is in direct reaction to Stefan’s death. Similar to Elena’s reactions when other loved ones have died, she at first refuses to accept it, instead looking for a solution to the problem of mortality. To be fair, this show often has one. We suspect Stefan’s death may have an even faster fix-it than most deaths on TVD. Let’s just hope Elena doesn’t burn any houses down in the mean time.

Whatever happens in the bulk of the episode, we hope we get an initial reaction from both Elena and Damon when they hear about Stefan’s death. So far, we’ve seen Caroline cradling Stefan’s quasi-dessicated corpse and Bonnie’s look of torment when she had to tell the crossing-over Stefan that she has yet to figure out a way to bring anyone back from the Other Side. Awkward! We’re guessing Elena and Damon’s reactions to Stefan’s deaths are going to be even harder to watch. Stefan has been such a constant in both of their lives. It will be hard to imagine him as gone, and in such a sudden fashion. And, remember guys: Stefan may be watching from the Other Side, so don’t skimp on the tears. You already dropped the ball on noticing he had been stuck at the bottom of a quarry for three months, you better get mourning his death right.

Though we doubt TVD will spend too much time dwelling on reactions to Stefan’s death — after all, this is the season finale, and there is plot to get out there — we do hope to spend a few minutes letting this horrific development sink in. Given that the Other Side’s problems are imminent, we expect this week’s season-ender to pick up very soon after the last episode ended. In addition to Stefan’s mortal friends, it would be cool to get a check-in with some of his deceased buddies. After all, if there’s one perk to dying a supernatural death right now, it’s getting to hang with your other dead friends! We’re thinking specifically about Stefan’s bestie Lexi. The vampire was killed by Damon in the first season, but has popped up a few times as a ghost or in flashbacks since then. Finger crossed that we’ll get to see her in this episode, and get her reaction to Stefan’s death. These two are always so sweet together!

How do you think Elena will react to Stefan’s death? Share your theories in the comments below!

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