How Will Emily Thorne Be Affected By the Return of Her Mother on Revenge Season 2?
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How Will Emily Thorne Be Affected By the Return of Her Mother on Revenge Season 2?

Don’t worry, Mama’s here.

But we wouldn’t expect the reunion between Emily Thorne and her mother in the second season of Revenge to be a warm and fuzzy one.

Emily’s mother, recently cast as actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, has been described as having “deep psychological issues.” And those will definitely spill over into Em’s plan for vengeance.

“I think what’s interesting about that too is when you think about mental health, young women will often come into those kinds of problems and difficulties in their 20s,” Emily VanCamp told Access Hollywood, “so it’s very possible that this will start to affect [Emily’s] psyche and wondering, ‘How crazy and I?’ ‘Am I following into these footsteps?'"

It’s an interesting concept and one the show intends to explore in the upcoming season. Though we tend to root for Ms. Thorne, in reality, her action are pretty twisted.

“Emily’s going to do a lot of reflecting on whether she’s genetically programmed to be a little bit unhinged like her mother — who is actually very unhinged,” show creator Mike Kelley told Deadline. “You’ll see the mother in the present day. And it’s a big surprise as to what happened to her.”

If this woman of mystery is planning on returning to the Hamptons, what happened to her will be nothing compared to what’s about to happen to her.

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