How Will The Vampire Diaries End? Here Are 3 Theories!
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The Vampire Diaries

How Will The Vampire Diaries End? Here Are 3 Theories!

All this speculation about when The Vampire Diaries will be ending has us wondering how this show could wrap up six or more seasons of epic, emotional craziness. So much has happened! If an ending is meant to provide meaning to everything that has come before, what could TVD possible do for its final bow? Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly that she and Kevin Williamson already have an ending in mind. Here are three theories on what that ending could — and should — be!

Elena walks away from Mystic Falls and the Salvatore Brothers.

Let’s face it: Elena’s life went to hell as soon as Stefan and Damon Salvatore became a part of it. Sure, she was already dealing with the death of her parents, but her life has gotten so much worse. She’s lost many more loved ones, her humanity, and now her home. Ian Somerhalder has outlined this spiral of misery well on multiple occasions. Yes, Stefan and Damon have brought happiness and love to her life, too, but at what price?

It would be kind of great to see Elena choose to strike up her own path, separate from the Salvatore brothers, come the end of TVD. The parts of us that love Delena and Stelena would be sad, but the part of us that is rooting for Elena would be overjoyed to see Elena choose herself. Besides, she could always hook up with Stefan and Damon in a half-century or so.

Everybody dies. Except Matt Donovan. And Caroline Forbes.

This show has been about death more than anything. More recently, it has become about cheating death. This is a group of supernatural who live without repercussion, and that has taken something away from this story. It has taken away the stakes (pun intended) of this story, and — with that sense of danger — a larger meaning. Watching this group pay the ultimate price in the name of something heroic would be fitting. Except Matt...he should always live. And Caroline...she has to move to New Orleans.

Elena travels back in time to become Katherine.

But, really, how trippy would it be if, somehow, Elena was sent back in time (via a witch spell or doppelganger side effect or whatever) and we realized that she and Katherine have always been the same person? Sure, it would take a bit of retconning. And Elena would have to fall in with a lovely Bulgarian family who adopts her as one of their own, but we think it’d be well worth it.

The best endings are the ones that cast everything that has come before them in a new, more interesting light. Katherine seeking out the Salvatore brothers, falling in love with them, and turning them into vampires? Katherine’s jealousy of Elena? Katherine pretending to be Elena? Katherine being one step ahead of everyone all of the time? This twist would also make us like Elena more because, let’s face it, Katherine has always been the best Petrova doppelganger. It would also give Elena the agency over her own existence that has so often been taken from her.

How do you think TVD will end? Share your theories in the comments below!

Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday, October 2, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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