How Will the Partner Team Dance Work on Dancing With the Stars Week 8?
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How Will the Partner Team Dance Work on Dancing With the Stars Week 8?

UPDATE: Apparently we're calling this the "Celebrity Dance Duel." As ABC later added in a press release, "In the Duel Round, two couples will be paired up to perform a style of dance that they’ve both previously performed. All four members of the mini team will dance together to the same song but during the middle of the performance, the Pros will leave the floor, leaving the two celebrities to dance together."

Original story:

There are six couples left on Dancing With the Stars Season 18, and they will perform two dances on Week 8, which airs Monday, May 5. (Cinco de Mayo!)

Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller will be the guest judge, and the couples’ second dance will be a partner team dance, with celebrities dancing together for a portion of the routine.

James Maslow shared the details in his Parade blog, first noting that he and Peta Murgatroyd have the Viennese Waltz as their individual dance. When it comes to the team routine, he’s partnered with the currently injured Amy Purdy and Derek Hough.

How will the partner dance work? “The team dance is broken up into groups of four, so two partners each,” James wrote. “This is the first time they’ve ever done something like this: the four of us are going to dance about 20 seconds of a minute-long song, then the pros are going to split and the celebrities are going to dance for about 20 seconds, and then come back together.”

So this is why, during Week 7’s Latin Night, Tom Bergeron referenced the stars dancing together next week. But there are only two male stars left and four female, so maybe some of the ladies will dance together. It should be interesting. They are determined to turn Season 18 into a (partner) swingers party, by hook or crook!

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