How Would the Teen Mom 2 Girls React If Their Kids Got Pregnant at 16?
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How Would the Teen Mom 2 Girls React If Their Kids Got Pregnant at 16?

None of our favorite Teen Moms tried to get pregnant at 16, but they’ve come to terms that you can’t always predict or control what happens in your life. But what would they do if their child became a young mother or father?

During the latest Teen Mom 2: A Closer Look episode, SuChin Pak posed that exact question, asking what they would say to their kids if they came home at 16 and announced that they were pregnant or knocked someone up.

“I can’t even imagine that happening,” Chelsea Houska answered immediately with wide eyes, but determined that she wants to be able to be upfront with her daughter. “Me and [Aubree], I know are going to be so close. I want her to feel like she can talk to me about anything.”

Things took a more serious turn after, with Jenelle Evans saying she would tell Jace he “better go get a job because he’s going to be paying child support,” but ultimately, she claimed, “I don’t know what I would do.”

“I think with the experiences we’ve all been through, I would hope that by showing them our own footage, it will help them not do that,” Kailyn Lowry concluded, making the most valid point. “If Isaac sees all this footage and then still gets a girl pregnant? I mean, that’s a problem.”

Do you agree with the Teen Mom’s reactions? Chime in below.

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