$H!T Tamar Braxton Sings: The Reality Star’s Funniest Songs (VIDEOS)
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$H!T Tamar Braxton Sings: The Reality Star’s Funniest Songs (VIDEOS)

If there’s one thing that Braxton Family Values star Tamar Braxton is known for, it’s for the hilarious things that come out of her mouth. But what we’ve come to love even more about the R&B singer is that when she’s not saying something funny, she’s coming up with a hilarious song — with or without the vocal accompaniment of her sisters.

Here are some of our favorite Tamar songs:

6. Tamar Sings “Dad’s Song”

When Tamar and her sisters are upset that their father would not meet them for a family get-together they arranged, Tamar busts out into a song for her sister Traci to call their dad.

5. Tamar Sings “Bumpin’ & Grindin’” Song

As Tamar approaches Toni’s house, she sees Toni’s ex-husband, Keri Lewis of Mint Condition, hop into his car and drive off. Immediately suspecting her sister of “hooking up” with her ex, Tamar jumps on the piano to play her sister an impromptu ditty.

4. Tamar Sings “Baby Daddy” Song

After Towanda announces that she and her somewhat-estranged husband will be living together again, Tamar (enlisting the help of Traci and Trina) crafts a song about Towanda and her husband getting back together.

3. Tamar Sings “Jackson’s Song”

When Tamar’s mom, Evelyn, holds a funeral for her beloved dog Jackson, Tamar pays her last respects by singing for the deceased pooch and asks her sisters to join in for a rousing chorus.

2. Tamar and Toni Braxton Sing “Dingaling of Gold”

Quite possibly one of the funniest musical moments over the three season of Braxton Family Values had to be when both Tamar and Toni took out their frustrations over Trina’s decision to stay with her husband, Gabe Solis, in song. Be sure to listen to the beautiful harmony at the end.

1. Tamar and Her Sisters Sing “Pregnancy Song”

During a special Season 2 episode of Tamar & Vince, fans were treated to a very pregnant Tay-Tay going into labor with her son, Logan. As Tamar laid in bed waiting to finally give birth, she asks a nurse to hear her baby’s heartbeat… which she and her sisters use as the basis for this hilarious song.

Did we miss one of your favorite Tamar Braxton songs? Sound off below!

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