Huge Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: [SPOILER] Will Return in Season 4!
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Pretty Little Liars

Huge Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: [SPOILER] Will Return in Season 4!

Listen up, Pretty Little Liars shippers! We’re taking a momentary break from all things Halloween — Heck, we’re taking a break from all things Season 3 to talk about Season 4. Which of the Liars’ significant others isn’t leaving Rosewood anytime soon?

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Based on this live chat on Cambio, Lindsey Shaw (Paige McCullers) confirms that Paige will stick around for another season … well, at least the start of one.

Are you excited by this news? Do you think that Paige and Emily (Shay Mitchell) will still be a couple at that point? Or is Paige still around (AKA not dead) because she’s one of the bad guys?

If you had your choice, which of the Liars’ significant others would definitely stick around for Season 4? Come on, you know you have a favorite couple. Let your ship sails fly!

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Source: Cambio

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