Huge Walking Dead Season 3 SPOILERS: Who Will Die on Episode 4?
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The Walking Dead

Huge Walking Dead Season 3 SPOILERS: Who Will Die on Episode 4?

Spoiler alert! Mega honkin’ spoilers ahead on the Sunday, November 4 episode.

We knew death was coming for key characters on The Walking Dead Season 3. And now we know it's coming this Sunday on Episode 4, "Killer Within." And they're probably going to keep killing more people after that!

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) has already mentioned how watching this episode back made everyone in the crew cry. That got us thinking this would probably be a literal killer of an episode.

TV Overmind apparently got to see it in advance. Here's one of the notes in their review: "By the end of the episode, two characters that have been with us since the very beginning will answer to the agents of fate, and yet another fan favorite's fate will be left unknown."

Huge Walking Dead Season 3 SPOILERS: Who Will Die on Episode 4?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Spoiler TV also did a story noting that two characters will die in the episode, and they included a poll on which characters. Examiner did a story on that story and, in the comments, someone wrote "Its T-Dog and Lori... I saw the original article. Carl even puts down his mom." What original story? "It was on TVOvermind, but AMC forced them to take the article down about an hour and a half after the review was released."

We don't know that it's definitely Lori and T-Dog — we have to watch the episode for the first time on Sunday, like most viewers — but let's say it is. The idea of Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) dying isn't too big a surprise, since she also dies in the comics. Based on the spoilers in the Examiner comments, Lori goes into labor and the baby apparently survives, at the expense of Lori’s life. Lori as Mother Martyr is certainly better than the Lori we’ve been living with for two seasons. If this turns out to be how she leaves the show, at least her character goes out on a sympathetic note.

T-Dog (IronE Singleton), though? Poor guy. He never did get a chance to do too much and — we've said it before — he really should've just taken off for the coast like he wanted to. He has no one watching his back in this buddy system. Glenn (Steven Yeun) has Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Carol (Melissa McBride) has Daryl, etc. He was put in a position to be expendable.

And poor Rick (Andrew Lincoln)! He and Lori were already on the outs, but if she dies like this — leaving him with Carl (Chandler Riggs) and the baby — he’s really going to lose his poop.

Sources: TV Overmind, Spoiler TV, Examiner

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