Hugh Jackman Almost Cut Off His WHAT While Filming X-Men 2? (VIDEO)

Men in the audience, we suggest you stop reading now. The details of Hugh Jackman’s near life-altering accident while filming X-Men 2: Days of Future Past might make you want to cross your legs and curl up into the fetal possession. Ladies, we can’t guarantee you won’t have the same reaction.

Here’s what went down: The hunky 45-year-old Aussie actor was getting his Wolverine on while filming the latest installment of the superhero franchise when he lost control of his claws. You know — the foot-long knives that jut out of the X-Men’s hands at his command?

The way we’re hearing it Hugh got a little too excited while filming a nude scene for the movie and his wolfy bits got a very close shave! Can’t say we didn’t warn you this got a touch graphic.

Hugh insisted on a closed set for the intimate footage but thought he spied some female members of the crew around the corner. Startled, he went to cover his bits only to cut his inner thigh. Any higher and he might have had some bad news to tell wife Deborra-Lee Furness!

Reassure yourself Hugh’s all in one piece by watching the video above. We know it comforted us!

05.2.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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