This Precious Hula Baby Became a Platinum-Selling Singer! Who Is She?

Look at that big smile! This pop singer is just as beautiful as ever today, but was a whole lot tinier when this photo was taken in the mid-90s. "I think this was my 6th [birthday] party," the 24-year-old posted to Instagram on Thursday. "I remember feeling so pretty that day!"

"This is also the only time in my life I've had defined abs with no effort," she adds, joking.

All joking aside, though, this gal has put a lot of effort into her bod! It's one of many things that makes this super-talented musician inspirational.

Need a bigger hint? In addition to this girl being impossibly beautiful, she has a ridiculously handsome boyfriend, too! While rumors about whether or not he's putting something with a little sparkle on her finger are always flying, currently this pair seem content making beautiful music together in super-romantic duets… and posting the occasional lovey-dovey selfie to make us jealous.

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