Hunger Games 2: Grant Gustin Should’ve Starred — Super-Funny Video Explains Why!
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Hunger Games 2: Grant Gustin Should’ve Starred — Super-Funny Video Explains Why!

Remember back when the Hunger Games was still casting for its sequel, Catching Fire, and pretty much the entire internet — fine, we exaggerate, but whatever — thought that Glee’s Grant Gustin (Sebastian) should play Finnick Odair?

We’re still a bit upset that Grant didn’t end up getting the role. He did audition, but the part ended up going to some blond guy with a British accent. Well, the reviews for Catching Fire (which premieres tonight) are in, and one critic think the film definitely suffered from a lack of Grant Gustin.

Peter Rosenthal, head film critic for The Onion, narrates a hilarious video which explains that, unlike fellow mega-hit Twilight, The Hunger Games suffers from a serious lack of hot guys. Take Katniss’s love interest, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), who the silver-haired film critic calls “a boy who, all things considered, isn’t even that hot.”

“I mean, he’s not ugly, he just could have been way cuter.” Having branded Peeta “not hot,” Peter does admit that Katniss’ childhood best friend, Gale (Liam Hemsworth) is pretty freaking sexy.

“Gale is super-hot,” Peter says with a stoic, intensely serious face. (His words are all teenage fangirl, but his attitude is completely dispassionate. The juxtaposition is hilarious.) “He’s a much hotter boy than Peeta, in my opinion.” He adds, “If Gale is like a 10, then Peeta is only like a 6.”

But what about Sam Claftin, the Brit who snagged the role of Finnick? Peter says that all the other tributes “also aren’t even really that hot.” The video cuts straight to a shot of Sam. “Seriously, we’re really supposed to believe that these are the hottest boys they could find?”

Hunger Games 2: Grant Gustin Should’ve Starred — Super-Funny Video Explains Why!
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Peter then goes on to nominate actors he thinks would have been much better choices. Grant is his number two pick, winning the designation “very hot.” (That’s not quite Liam Hemsworth level super-hot, but much better than Josh Hutcherson’s “cute.”)

So how did Grant react to the video? The former Glee star actually tweeted it out to his fans on November 20, writing, “I've always loved The Onion and this is truly hilarious and honoring. A Catching Fire review for you..”

Grant might not be in The Hunger Games, but he was recently chosen to star in the CW’s new superhero pilot, The Flash. In fact, the network is so excited about the concept that they recently bumped it up from backdoor to standalone pilot, which gives it a bigger budget than before.

Hunger Games or no Hunger Games the former Glee star is doing pretty well right now. Who wants to run around and toss daggers at people when you can star in your own TV show about a superhero, instead? Because, to take a page from The Onion, guys in spandex are really “super-hot.”

Source: The Onion

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