Director David O. Russell on Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Schedule: “It’s Like Slavery” (UPDATE: He Apologizes)
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Director David O. Russell on Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Schedule: “It’s Like Slavery” (UPDATE: He Apologizes)

Original story (8:16 a.m. ET): It’s no secret that Jennifer Lawrence has a pretty busy lifestyle. How else could we expect her to single-handedly take over Hollywood while accidentally making us laugh every time she gives an interview? But her Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle director, David O. Russell, recently revealed that her schedule while filming Hunger Games is the worst of all.

“I personally think they should give her a bit of breathing room over there because they’re printing money,” David told The New York Daily News. “But she’s a very alive person.”

It may have felt like forever between The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but the films were only released 20 months apart, which isn’t a long time at all. We can imagine from the release dates alone that Jen’s working super hard.

“I’ll tell you what it is about that girl — talk about 12 years of slavery, that’s what the franchise is,” David continued, referencing the movie Twelve Years A Slave. “And I’m going to get in so much trouble for saying that.”

David also called her production schedule a “hamster wheel” and suggested that her roles in films like American Hustle act as “vacations” from playing Katniss. Yikes!

We know Jennifer puts in a lot of elbow grease where the Hunger Games movies are concerned, but we hope she still loves what she does. We might not know who she is today if she hadn’t been our Katniss.

In the meantime, make sure you’re taking your vitamins and getting some sleep, Jen! We need you healthy so you can continue reminding us of everything good in the world.

Update (5:10 p.m. ET): David apologized for his comment in a statement emailed to Huffington Post via his representatives: "Clearly, I used a stupid analogy in a poor attempt at humor. I realized it the minute I said it and I am truly sorry."

Meanwhile, Aidan McQuade of Anti-Slavery International weighed in on the controversy to Daily Mail:

"I think David Russell was trying to raise some legitimate concerns about how young actors are treated by powerful movie executives… But I’m surprised that a director of David Russell's calibre doesn’t appear to have taken the time to watch 12 Years a Slave or else he wouldn’t have been so glib with his comparisons. Indeed if he’s interested I would invite him to join me in visiting India or Nepal to see what real contemporary slavery looks like."

Sources: The New York Daily News, Huffington Post, Daily Mail

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