Sean Lowe Shares the “Heartbreaking” Devastation He Witnessed From Hurricane Harvey
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Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe Shares the “Heartbreaking” Devastation He Witnessed From Hurricane Harvey


Among the many pitching in on the effort to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, one surprising standout has to be Sean Lowe.

The Dallas native has dedicated an admirable amount of time to aid those suffering in his home state, traveling not once but twice to affected areas last week.

And now, the former Bachelor star is opening up about the “heartbreaking” devastation he witnessed.

The former reality star first traveled to the ravaged city on August 28, traveling by boat — one borrowed from a fan who offered it up on Twitter.

At the time, he shared a three-pic post depicting the flooded streets and homes he saw while rescuing victims in the area.

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“Today I had the chance to do what I could to help some people in the Houston area. I couldn’t believe the devastation,” he captioned.

Since that first visit, he spoke with People about the moving experience — and why he went back for a second time late last week.

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The 33-year-old revealed the majority of his work was in the suburb of Katy, Texas, alongside his father’s friend.

“A lot of Katy is under water, so that’s where we spent [Monday] and we teamed up with some firefighters who were so happy to see an extra boat, because they desperately needed it,” he explained.

“We spent our day trying to collect as many people as we possibly could.”

With the help of the firefighters, they picked up as many people as they could by boat. During that time, he witnessed something he’s since been unable to shake.

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He continued, “We were taking our boat down a residential street, which is kind of an eerie feeling on its own, and in the distance we saw people yelling out to us — we had a couple firefighters with us at the time — and they’re yelling and screaming and we can see that they’re giving chest compression to somebody in a canoe.”

Though the boat was too large to make it to the people, some of the men rushed to them, finding a man in his late 30s, seemingly in cardiac arrest.

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“His face was blue as blue gets and his heart was not beating and we had to transfer him from this canoe into our boat,” the father of one shared.

“The whole thing was surreal because I was literally just holding dead weight; he was a dead man at the time.”

He detailed, “The firefighters proceeded to give him CPR for about 15 minutes until we could get him into an ambulance. I don’t know if he survived.”

Though he later heard that paramedics were unable to find a pulse, he’s holding out hope that the man made it through.

That first trip was enough to send Sean back to the Houston area three days later on Thursday — after a quick check-in with wife Catherine Lowe and 1-year-old son Samuel in Dallas.

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“I wanted to lend a helping hand and do my part and I was kind of amazed when I got back at the feeling that I had. I thought that I would be satisfied — I did my part,” he started.

He added, “But I just got back home and I kept telling Catherine, ‘I need to be back down there because they still need help.’”

With all that he saw during his experience, Sean is still taking a positive outlook.

“It was so encouraging to get down there and see people from all over the state of Texas,” he said.

“There’s something really beautiful about that and I’m just glad I was able to play a small part,” he concluded.

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To find out how you can help, visit or call 1-800- RED-CROSS; for donations to the Red Cross, click here.