Late Singer Selena Quintanilla’s Relatives Among Hurricane Harvey Victims
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Late Singer Selena Quintanilla’s Relatives Among Hurricane Harvey Victims


Another heartbreak has hit Selena Quintanilla’s family.

The late singer, who was killed at age 23 in 1995, was related to one of the families killed in Hurricane Harvey.

Her father, Abraham Quintanilla, has spoken out to clarify the details of the tragic loss.

The Tejano singer’s dad announced on social media that, while their immediate family was safe, they were connected to one of the horrifying drownings that occurred in Houston.

"The family that drowned in Houston, Texas, were related to me,” he started in the Facebook post.

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He continued, “Manuel Saldivar, his wife Belia and four of their grandkids, left their flooded house to go somewhere where there was safe. When they crossed a bridge, a wave of water swept the van and pushed them into the bayou.

“The driver was saved, but Manuel, his wife, and four grandkids drowned…”

As for their exact relation, Abraham detailed that Manuel was the son of his father’s first cousin — or his second cousin.

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“My condolences to their family // 2nd Corinthians Chapter 1 verse 3 says praised be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of Tender Mercies and the God of all comfort,” he concluded.

A CNN report sheds some more light on this horrifying incident, which occurred when 84-year-old Manuel and wife 81-year-old Belia and their family attempted to make it to dry land.

Their grown son, Sammy Saldivar, was driving the van over a bridge when the road dipped down and their car was pulled into the water.

Though Sammy was able to escape from the vehicle, Manny, Belia, and four of their great-grandchildren — Devy, 16, Dominic, 14, Xavier, 8, and 6-year-old Daisy — were not.

"He could hear the kids screaming and crying, trying to get out of the van," his brother Ric Saldivar shares.

Forty-five minutes later, the Harris County Sheriff's Office found Sammy holding onto the branch, and yelling "the van's down there, the van's down.”

Sadly, the vehicle had long disappeared by then.

On August 30, the Harris County Sheriff confirmed that the van had been found with the six family members deceased.

While the Saldivars deal with this devastating loss, Selena’s immediate family members are able to at least report that the Quintanillas are all OK.

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Even the museum honoring their deceased daughter was somehow left unscathed.

"Getting a lot of questions about the SELENA's Museum, everything is ok,” Abraham wrote on Facebook.

“No damage anywhere in the Q Productions building. Thanks for inquiring AQ.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.