“I Didn’t Come Out of the Closet — I Fell Out on My Face!” and More Pretty Little Liars Quotes: March 7, 2011
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Pretty Little Liars

“I Didn’t Come Out of the Closet — I Fell Out on My Face!” and More Pretty Little Liars Quotes: March 7, 2011

Anyone can lie; it takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the best quotes from Season 1, Episode 20 of Pretty Little Liars, with Hanna laying down the law.

10. Spencer: “What’s it like to run away?”
Toby: “Cold.”
We don’t think Spencer was asking for a weather report.

9. Mrs. Hastings (about the police inspecting Spencer’s room): “You’re a person of interest in a murder investigation. They’re just... they’re doing their job, in an especially ham-fisted way.”
Spencer’s mom doesn’t take her anger out like normal people do.

8. Spencer (on algebra): “Just isolate the x-factor. And now I feel like I’m the x-factor.”
You know that Spencer’s distraught when not even math can cheer her up.

7. Toby: “People cross the street when they see me coming, and they think you’re trying to frame your brother-in-law. Who else are we gonna hang out with?”
Toby realizes that it’s time to face facts.

6. Aria (about her mom): “She’s coming for coffee?”
Byron: “Yeah, that’s right.”
Aria (seeing the mugs): “So the kitchen table exists in another dimension where that already happened?”
Either Byron has found a way to disrupt the space-time continuum, or he has some explaining to do.

5. Ella (to Byron, about Aria): “If she’s keeping secrets, it’s because she learned it from us.”
Oh, snap! Looks like Ella isn’t the type to forgive and forget.

4. Hanna: “What’d they take?”
Spencer: “Things from my jewelery box, stuff from my closet, a couple pairs of shoes.”
Hanna: “Wait — not the Tory Burches!”
Hanna stays focused on what really matters.

3. Emily: “I didn’t come out of the closet — I fell out... on my face!”
Usually the only person talking about closets is clothing-obsessed Hanna!

2. Aria: “Fresh manicures and tiny keyboards — a deadly combination.”
Did we miss something? Who has time for an early morning mani when you go to school at 8 a.m.?

1. Hanna (to Jenna, after slapping her): “This is Hanna — in case you couldn’t guess!”
Slapping someone in the face is the way people say hello in Rosewood.


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