Robert Pattinson: “I Don’t Ever Feel the Need to Forgive”
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Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson: “I Don’t Ever Feel the Need to Forgive”

Who knew that Robert Pattinson was so infinitely quotable?

The Twilight star was interviewed recently for the September 15, 2013, issue of Sunday Style (via GossipCop), and had a ton to say about relationships — whether they were professional, romantic, or with his own damn self, that is.

When asked about his romantic approach, Rob explained that he’s “quite sensitive.” That makes sense, considering the madness he’s gone through with ex-love Kristen Stewart over the past year. Sure, it wasn’t 100 percent clear it was K-Stew he was referring to during the interview but it sure sounds like it.

Although he explains “there’s not very much that really bothers me,” he does take exception to certain actions from those close to him.

“I don’t ever feel the need to forgive or expect people to be. I judge people on their actions. I don’t really care if it’s wrong or right, I give them the benefit of the doubt. If they do something I can’t be bothered to deal with, I just cut them out.” You mean like having an affair with a married director? Possibly.

But as far as grand gestures go, he’s all in. “I’m quite sensitive, and I do like a bit of grand gesturing, but that’s just my ego. I like to give people presents and I think of myself as the best gift giver, but only because I get stuff for myself and then make it work for the other person.” That’s sweet, we suppose.

We’d pretty much love it if he mailed us a used Kleenex, as long as it was sent with love, so we’re probably not the best audience to decide on what is or isn’t a great gift from R-Patz. But something tells us that he would find a way to make even a simple thing feel special.

Source: Sunday Style (via GossipCop)

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