“I Got the Most Talent Up in This Bitch” Quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 4
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America's Next Top Model

“I Got the Most Talent Up in This Bitch” Quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 4

The All-Stars from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 are back, and they’re bringing more than just their stunning looks and signature walks to the game. The real challenge of the season? If these modelstants can get through an episode without saying something completely insane. (Personally, we’re doubtful.) Check out the funniest, weirdest, fiercest quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 4 “Anthony Zuiker.”

10. Tyra talks to Lisa like she’s a five-year-old: “Lisa left the building and her cousin the Excuse Monster came in.”
This is what Lisa gets for coming to the judges’ table in a pink headband and bedazzled mini-shrug from The Limited Too.

9. Lisa reinterprets her CSI script: “According to the detox report, it seems that the ingestion of cocaine, alcohol and also the mixture of heroin....”
Maybe it’s time for Lisa to head back to celeb rehab.

8. Angelea sings her own praises: “I got the most talent up in this bitch, lemme tell you. I sing, I act, I model, the fans love me. Everybody love me. I look good.”
Her talents don’t include modesty.

7. Lisa is pissed: “I did as I was directed, but that’s not acting to me.”
We’d pay serious money to shield our eyes from what Lisa thinks acting is.

6. Tyra tries her hand at whimsy: “Choo-choo, the Express train has arrived to take somebody on a journey, far far away.”
We assume she’s talking about the looney bin.

5. Lisa defends herself: “I’m definitely somebody who’s kinda crazy. But it’s a lot of fun.”
Like most escaped mental patients, Lisa’s a blast.

4. Random assistant: “You look great. We have three handsome guys for you.”
Jay: “Yeah, I’m here too. Anyhow.”
Poor Jay. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

3. Andre yawns: “I’m so absolutely fatigué of Camille’s beauty pageantry.”
We are trés disappointed that Andre forgot his sailor hat at home.

2. Bianca suffers from delusions of grandeur: “I don’t see any of the girls being able to do everything. I can do everything.”
Well, except for walk on stilts or be around chihuahuas and fat people.

1. Lisa flirts with some unsuspecting male models: “You guys I’m the cool chick. I’m the Collins of the group. I got the swag. I’m the ‘in’ crowd.”
Who needs fans when you can be your own personal cheerleader?