“I Had An Idea, Girl!” Top 10 Quotes From ANTM All-Stars Cycle 17: Episode 9
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America's Next Top Model

“I Had An Idea, Girl!” Top 10 Quotes From ANTM All-Stars Cycle 17: Episode 9

The All-Stars are back, and they’re bringing more than just their stunning looks and signature walks to the game. Check out the fiercest quotes from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17: All-Stars, Episode 9: “Nikos Papadopoulos.” What have we learned? The modelstants should never be let out of the country.

Angelea shocks and amazes us: “I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. I’m a history buff, so I know about the mythology about Zeus and the Gods....”
There is only one God, and her name is Tyra.

Laura stresses about her speech: “I’m worried about my own English let alone having to say Greek words.”
We’re worried about your English, too, Laura.

Laura gets her Goddesses confused: “If I were a Greek goddess, I would be Venus.”
Clearly, this girl isn’t a history buff like Angelea.

Lisa defends her skimpy outfit: “Politicians really like minimal clothes... if you watch the news.”
Which none of these ladies do.

Miss Jay encourages Angelea: “There you go, boo. There you go!”
Watch out Andre, there’s a new life coach in town.

Angelea pumps herself up: “I had an idea, girl!”
Such rare occurrences deserve excitement!

Laura designs a dress: “My goddess is kinda like the goddess of birth, but like the birth of calves and wheat.”
Three letters: W. T. F.

Michael Cinco: “I don’t like to make something with lights, because I don’t like it to look tacky.”
Woah, woah, woah. There’s nothing tacky about a dress made of neon.

Allison fears the sun: “Since I have vampire vision, and I’m not meant to be in the daylight, I literally can’t open my eyes, and when I do. Tears.”
Somewhere, The Game is shaking his head in disappointment.

Mr. Jay: “When was the last time you drizzled olive oil on yourself?”
Lisa: “Like a couple weeks ago.”
She must be referring to her boyfriend’s conjugal visit.

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