”I Have No Idea How to Speak Clock Language” Top 10 Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 7
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”I Have No Idea How to Speak Clock Language” Top 10 Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 7

Sex and cake dominated the Top 10 quotes for this week’s Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 7: "Love at the Jersey Shore" as JWOWW dressed up in a handkerchief after making up with beau Roger, Snooki drank while on antibiotics for her 10th UTI of the year (yikes!) and Deena hurt her back from turnpiking too hard with her new pal Joey. And apparently someone ate a piece of cake while everyone was asleep.

1. Deena: “Who eats a piece of cake when you know it's an ‘I'm Sorry’ cake?"
Apology cakes are not for snacking! Know the rules!

2. Pauly D: “Don't cook a cake in my house and expect me not to eat it.”
I think this quote rings true for all of us. Unless you are a hateful pie person.

3. Snooki: “I look like a Jersey skank and I love it.”
If you’ve ever wondered if Snooks cares what people think of her, know that she does not.

4. Snooki: "I drank so much my UTI was drunk, so he's happy, and I'm happy."
Her UTI has his own drink order, Jager with a Cipro chaser.

5. Ronnie: “I got Gumby ankles, what do you want?"
We all have our own cross to bear when it comes to dancing.

6. Snooki: “I have no idea how to speak clock language."
The clock can’t speak Snooki language, so it’s even.

7. Pauly D:“If you hurt your back Jersey turnpiking, that's Deena problems.”
Add in a pound symbol, and you’ve got yourself a new Twitter trending topic, #deenaproblems.

8. Jenni: “I wanted to show Roger two big reasons why he’s with me.”
Roger and the rest of the world, apparently.

9. Sammi: “You can find love at the Jersey Shore.”
She neglects to add that that love also includes non-stop fighting and sleeping all day.

10. Deena: “Merp.”
The sound one makes when you’ve had a satisfactory smushing session in your twin bed.

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