I Heart Nick Carter Sneak Peek: Nick’s Relationship Drama Is Coming to TV (VIDEO)

Nick Carter has made his fortune winning our hearts with undeniably catchy pop tunes, but the now 34-year-old (yes, 34) is kicking things up a notch with his newest project. We introduce to you I Heart Nick Carter, a reality TV series we didn’t even know we wanted.

The show, which will premiere on VH1 in just seven short days, follows the Backstreet Boy as he finds his way both professionally and personally. You’ll recall Nick just recently got hitched to love Lauren Kitt, but unfortunately it looks like the honeymoon’s already over for these two.

In a clip from the show, which you can watch for yourself above, we see Lauren and Nick fighting with Lauren telling her man “this isn’t the Nick Carter show; it’s not about you all the time” (guess they hadn’t settled on a name for the TV series yet).

But that’s not all! The drama only ramps up as Nick confesses he’s worried about losing the “Nick Carter brand” as soon as he’s a married man and rolls around the option of getting a prenup before saying “I do.” See it all go down in the video up yonder.

I Heart Nick Carter premieres on VH1 at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, September 10. Will you be watching?

Source: VH1